What “world” history has taught me

The harm that whitewashing history does to children of color is evident when we see the lack of achievement, motivation and drive in our youth. This assists the cradle to prison pipeline, by allowing “disconnected” youth to receive educations that do not include a strong sense of self, racial identity, or encouragement to civic duty. Telling our children the great history of African American is our duty as parents, and we should be pushing schools to reinforce what we are teaching at home in their curriculums.



The main ideas I learned from history as taught in schools and books in America in the late 1900s:

1. Spotlight history: Most of human history does not matter. Here, roughly, are the important periods and regions:

  • -3500 to -500: Middle East (honorary white)
  • -500 to +500: Greece and Rome (white)
  • 500 to 1500: Western Europe (white)
  • 1500 to present: North America (white)

Other parts of the world make “contributions” from time to time, like gunpowder or slave labour or South America. That is all you need to know about them. Even the history of the people who would become the English does not start till they cross into the Roman Empire, into the Spotlight.

But: This leaves out at least 65% of world history!

2. Technocentrism: Better living through technology. You can rank human societies from backward to advanced according to a Western technological scale, which goes something like…

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