Stupid Things White People Say



Warning: This post does not claim I do not say stupid things myself!

White Americans say plenty of stupid things. In no particular order, these are the ones that make me wonder the most about their intelligence (those with links have posts of their own):

  1. “I’m not racist but…” followed by something completely racist. Who does this fool?
  2. “Not all Whites…” said even when I just said “some Whites” or “many Whites”.
  3. “Some of my best friends are Black.” said to prove they are not racist. I thought this laughed to shame in 1968, but people still say it with a straight face. (I have, *cringe*, used this myself in regard to Indo-Caribbeans.)
  4. “All lives matter.” Then what is so wrong with saying “Black lives matter”?
  5. “My grandmother…” followed by something racist she said or did, as if the person telling the story cannot possibly be racist too…

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